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Review: “POWER” by Twin Atlantic

The Glasgow band’s fifth album sees them minus a band member (guitarist Barry McKenna will now just tour) and away from Red Bull Records (who released their previous four records). So how has it affected the sound that made 2016’s “GLA” so successful?

Well, keyboards are very much to the fore on much of the record as the band has added a 80s flavor to their usual stadium rock sound. Lead single “Novocaine” is a great example of when this works well with a big anthemic chorus that Twin Atlantic have become known for. “Volcano” and ” I Feel It Too” are also strong additions to their catalogue. Elsewhere, “Ultraviolet Truth” had me checking that my playlist hadn’t slipped over to Depeche Mode (albeit with a broad Scottish accent).

It’s clear the band are wanting to experiment more as on the instrumental electro-weirdness of “Mount Bungo” and delicate piano of “Asynchronous”. It isn’t always successful but there should be enough here to satisfy fans while also gaining some new converts.

RATING: 7/10

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