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“Never Stay Too Long” – Edith

On May 15th, Edith released her newest song “Never Stay Too Long”. The lyrics paired with the strong beat gives the listener feelings of empowerment and courage in one’s self. The song puts into words the idea of getting over someone who hurt you and realizing that they don’t deserve you. “I want this song to go out into the world and make girls and boys, feel like they are not powerless just because they have been, just because someone hurt or made them feel worthless”. The build-up to the chorus is the realization of your worth with the hit of the beat being you breaking free. While listening you can’t help but want to get up and dance.

Edith has been putting her thoughts and feelings into songs since the age of 10. Her writing received the addition of a guitar two years later and the rest is history. She continued to write new songs and started performing for more and more people. As she found her style, Edith took a lot of inspiration from current artists including Lany and The Weekend mixed with 80s pop music. She released her first EP “Edith” last year and has been using quarantine to work on her debut album, which is said to be “… a huge upgrade from her initial EP”.

Check out “Never Stay Too Long” on our 5/15 Spotify playlist and keep an eye out for Edith’s upcoming album.

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