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“Friendship Gift” – Sir Bobby Jukebox

With everything going on in the world lately, it is important to take time for yourself and get away. Sir Bobby Jukebox’s debut LP is perfect for just that. From the very beginning, you will be transported to a sparkling summer paradise. The “mad scientist of indie-pop” has delivered a great soundtrack for a summer road trip, with each track fitting with different parts of the drive. “Kung Fu Buffet” as you pass through a small town, “You Are Here” driving as the sun sets enjoying being with your friends/family/significant other, and “Birthday Cake” as you stop by a beach or park to take a break.

“Kung Fu Buffet”, “You Are Here”, and “Birthday Cake” are my favorites from the album, but “You Only Dance” is my number one! This song gives the feeling of being with someone you love and care about, forgetting everything around you, and just dancing together. This idea really comes across as he sings, “To twirl and pirouette with you is all I wanna do.” Check out the fun, colorful, and slightly strange music video below.

Check out the full album on Spotify or here on Bandcamp.

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