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Our Favorite New Songs This Week 4/30/21

Here are our picks of the best new releases we’ve heard over the last 7 days

Scratching at the Lid – Piroshka
Found My Friends – Hayley Kiyoko
Common Ground – Rosellas
Better Drugs – Jeen
In My Mind – The Native
transparentsoul – WILLOW, Travis Barker
Are You With Me? – Brooke Combe
Dream House – COIN
Can’t Help Myself – Sad Boys Club
There’s Something There – Baby Strange
Let’s Go – The Beaches
Older – No Love For The Middle Child, Set It Off
Young Blood – PHOEBE ΔΧΔ
Seeing You Around – Lower Loveday
Xbox Luvr – HUNNY
Easier Said Than Done – Voodoos
Brightside – Damen
Control – Molly Burch

Let us know what else you’ve been listening to this week or if you have an upcoming release that we should feature in a future playlist

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