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White Mazda Truck – Emilee Moore

LA based singer-songwriter Emilee Moore has just released her superb new single “White Mazda Truck” and it tells the story of the night Emilee was broken up with for the first time. The song starts at her ex’s house where they break up, and ends in the truck, as he drives her home for the last time. It starts out slowly reflecting the sadness of the breakup while the second half of the song is guitar-driven reflecting the emotions that overcame her as they hit the highway. Check it out below or on this week’s playlist.

Inspired by music from John Mayer to Avril Lavigne, and Norah Jones to Bon Iver, Emilee Moore’s take on pop
music slips seamlessly from guitar ballads to lush vocal arrangements, from diary entries written at the
piano to an upbeat rally cry for those nights spent driving around with the top down. Her cathartic
songwriting and heartbreaking melodies remind audiences of their shared experiences in love and love lost,
the very connection Emilee longs to build through her music.

After just a few releases, Emilee has found herself on several popular playlists including Spotify’s New Music
Friday Canada and Fresh Finds as well as Apple Music’s New Music Daily and Wildflower. She has also landed
interviews and features from media outlets such as Toronto’s ‘Aesthetic Magazine’, Los Angeles’ ‘Bankrupt
Studios’, Canada’s PopCan Radio, and Massachusetts ‘Alternative Lately’ 103.3F

You can follow Emilee on Instagram and Twitter and check out her previous releases on Spotify

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