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Our Favorite New Songs This Week 1/28/22

Here’s our pick of this week’s best new releases from the last 7 days

last July – SOAK
Flatfoot – Pizza Crunch
Strawberry Sheets – Caroline Kingsbury
True + Honest – Alix Page
Wish – Heavenward
Fantasy – Carver Commodore, Abby Holliday
Rainy Day – Sunburn
live the life I’d never have – frances mistry
The Healing – Feeder
Another Day In Paradise – Kailee Morgue
Lose Control – Casino Club
moshpit – renforshort
Weight – lostboy
Wishlist – Beatrich
More More More – Soft Set
Overbite – THUMPER
a long december – girlhouse

Let us know what else you’ve been listening to this week or if you have an upcoming release we should feature on a future playlist

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