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West Coast – Luna Wood

Having already released an EP “Wilting Flowers” and standalone single ”Baggy T-shirt” earlier this year, UK singer-songwriter Luna Wood is back with a new song which came out on Sept 9th. ”West Coast” is a more uptempo pop tune than Luna’s previous releases and lyrically reminisces about returning to the good times of a previous relationship.

“West Coast’ was created in a time where I was dreaming of escaping to another place and feeling freedom again. I hope that people can find solace, peace, happiness and a place to escape to in this song about summer love and wistful thinking, just as I did. I love playing this song live as it gets people dancing and smiling which is why I make music.”

Luna Wood

Luna Wood is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Birmingham, currently based in Leeds, where she is studying songwriting at Leeds Conservatoire and writes folk/pop music. Her main inspirations are Olivia Dean, Blair Dunlop, Jamie Cullum and Holly Humberstone. She has so far released a single ‘Baggy T-shirt’ on the 13th May and her second EP, a collection of touching folk-pop songs called ‘Wilting Flowers’ on the 27th May. Her newest release ‘West Coast’ shows a development in her songwriting. Since it was released, ‘West Coast’ has been supported by BCC Sounds Coventry and Warwickshire

Luna is a multi-instrumentalist with Acoustic guitar as her primary instrument, who also enjoys incorporating her other skills when writing and recording. Luna sees writing as a journey, which she has so far been embarked on for several years in the process of crafting herself as an artist.

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