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Review: “Manic” by Halsey

Friday, January 17th, Halsey released her much anticipated third album, “Manic”. Four songs from the album had been released as singles to tide fans over till they got to hear all of her new songs. The singles, Clementine, Graveyard, You should be sad, and Without Me, left listeners confused as to how the album would bring these very different songs together.

“Manic” keeps the same sound as that of her previous albums while also bringing in different aspects from various influences. Remaining primarily an electropop, and an alternative rock album with some hip hop aspects, Halsey brings in some other styles, including country in You should be sad and K-pop in SUGA’s Interlude featuring SUGA and BTS.

While this is Halsey’s third album, she has explained that it is also Ashley’s first album. With this, she is letting her persona as Halsey slip away slightly and letting listeners hear who Ashley truly is. “Manic” starts with “Ashley” as she explains how with every album and tour she “Took [her] heart and sold it out to a vision that [she] wrote [herself]”. With each song, we learn more about Ashley and what goes on behind the scenes of creating the albums that everyone loves. The album comes to close with “929” as Halsey spills all her thoughts and feelings out reminding us that ” … the headlines just don’t paint the picture right”.

Must listen: Ashley, I HATE EVERYBODY, 3am, and 929

Rating: 8.5/10

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