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New Single: “Dope” – Hana McCartney

Up and coming indie pop star Hana McCartney has released her first full length album Rust and Stardust, which features the powerful single “Dope.” With a strong bass rhythm that guides the listener into the track, McCartney’s calm voice create a soft isolated feeling in the beginning before the drums kick in and bring the energy of it all up a notch. He calm voice turns powerful to stand above the drums and guitar as it all builds to the chorus. “Dope” was originally envisioned as a blues-based song but there was a noticeable slowdown compared to the final product. To fit the lyrical content better, McCartney decided to make the song faster-paced, darker, and catchier. “Dope” was featured on this week’s playlist, which you can find here.

The idea of each song having a drug reference or innuendo was already in my mind when I started writing this album. Taking taboo topics like abusive relationships, substance abuse, addiction, and mental health and personifying them into stories that are relevant to me and others can relate to was my goal.

Hana McCartney

Growing up surrounded by the rock history of the Sunshine State, Hanna McCartney’s passion for music began when she was 17 years old. Listening to The Doors, The Beatles, Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse as she found her passion, McCartney has been influenced by these artists’ experimental music that is always evolving and changing. She combines this inspiration with her own thoughts and feelings to tell stories through her instruments and lyrics and pushes herself out of her comfort zone.

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