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Interview with Michy Tree

Michy Tree is a 20 year old Alternative-indie singer, songwriter and producer based in Berkshire, England. This Friday (Feb 26th 2021) she is releasing her sophomore single “Floating House”. Written, created, produced and mastered by Michy, its about a feeling of helplessness that we all get at times (“Feels like I’m suffocating, can’t breathe..”). Its a great tune and builds and improves on the promise shown on debut single “Cocaine Love”.

We caught up with Michy to discuss her musical influences, the new single and the all important question of signature pizzas.

Hi Michy! How have you been surviving all the lockdowns and general craziness of the last year?
Well I’ve had university among the madness so it’s given me lots to do and a schedule which I’m very grateful for. Walking has helped me massively, just being with nature and being in a totally different environment allows you to forget about the madness for a while!
What classic album cover is your current mood?
Nothing But Thieves Broken Machine, a little bit broken but still trying
Who did listen to when you were growing up and how did they influence your own musical style?
When I was a kid I loved Miley Cyrus (still do!) and Katy Perry! I loved all the pop princesses that was “my thing” but Miley and Katy were my favourites! They’ve definitely had a huge impact on me and my music, they’re both so crazy and creative. They weren’t afraid to be different which I love and both of their earlier records were actually pop rock which I thinks what got me to listen to heavier bands when I got a bit older.
If you could only listen to one record, what would it be?
The 1975 by The 1975! It brings me so much nostalgia and I love that band, they’re so inspiring in their songwriting, production, live performances the list goes on!
Tell us about your new single “Floating House”
I wrote Floating House in my first 6 months of university. I had just moved to London into student accommodation, started a new job, started a new education. And it was just so lonely. I wrote this acoustically on guitar and just kept working on it ever since. But I hope people can relate and know it’s okay to feel out your depth sometimes and you will come back to the surface even though it feels like it will never end. 

You basically did everything on this record yourself. Was that something you had always planned to do or just something that current circumstances required?
I’ve always liked being able to construct music by myself as a lot of my song are very personal to me so when producing them I know what I’d like. However I would want to work with other musicians but it’s so hard in the current climate, so fingers crossed for the future!

What would go on your signature pizza and what would it be called?
It would be one massive pineapple and I would name it “hate me”
As a new, emerging artist, what are your thoughts on the streaming debate and payments to artists? 
I do believe something does need to be done for artists, as the payment for streams is just ridiculous! It’s so hard for starting artists as there is no income to support yourself or even your craft. The payment needs to be risen, even bigger artists are missing out on what they should be earning.
What’s up next for Michy Tree?
Hopefully an E.P and a few live shows if covid can go away! That would be amazing

You can get more info on Michy Tree here and make sure you follow on Instagram

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