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Let Me Love You – Kelsey Montanez

Chicago artist Kelsey Montanez is one to keep an eye on, with the release of her second single “Let Me Love You.” Starting with a hypnotic bluesy guitar rhythm, Montanez’s sultry voice creates a seductive rock vibe for the track. With a generally relaxed and intimate feel to the verses, the chorus brings in a stronger drum beat to make it hit harder as she says “If you want it, If you gotta have it, baby if you need it” with a commanding power. As the song draws to an end, listeners get an amazing guitar solo that has you wanting the next track immediately.

Among the singer-songwriter’s many talents, it’s Montanez’s arresting voice that has captured a devoted fanbase. It comes as no surprise that her visceral 2013 EP “A Delightful Sadness” scored her a record contract and music video with Chance the Rapper on lead single “Out of Sight.” True to her strong sense of independence, Montanez subsequently opted to pursue her own uncompromising artistic vision. It took a pandemic worth of isolation and heartbreak to transform that raw power into the refined spectacle that is her first record in over a decade. 

Keep up with all of Kelsey Montanez’s future releases via her Instagram.

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