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tooth fairy – Mae Krell

Following on from her acclaimed debut EP ‘imposter syndrome’, New York-based singer and songwriter Mae Krell has just released her new single, “tooth fairy,” It’s a previously unreleased track which came out of the sessions for the EP and is a beautiful, introspective about coming to the realization that you may be better off without someone who you previously thought was indispensable.

Mae elaborates: “I wrote it after I found out that someone who used to be my best friend moved to the city where I grew up. It felt like tearing open an old wound that I didn’t know I had, and also put me in a spot to question: if the chance were to arise, would I want to give them a second chance? That’s something I’m still trying to figure out.”

Photo credits – Alex Lyon

At just 23 years old, Mae Krell exudes a musicality wise beyond her years. Influenced by revered singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Phoebe Bridgers and Gregory Alan Isakov, Mae writes intimate reflections that confront past trauma, self-love and personal truths. With a distinct folk-pop sound and undeniable lyrical prowess, she has earned millions of streams across her repertoire with multiple tracks breaking 500K. Released in February 2022, the ”imposter syndrome” EP struck a chord with fans and tastemakers alike, with PRIDE aptly describing it as “an intimate and heart-wrenching dissection of the unavoidable self-doubt we all experience in our 20s.”

You can find out more about Mae at her website and can follow her on Instagram and Twitter for the latest news.

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