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Hatchie, Orchin, Storefront Church, The Echoplex, LA 9/21/19

Australian singer-songwriter Hatchie’s brand of dream/shoegaze indie pop first caught my attention with the release of the “Sugar and Spice” EP which came out in May 2018. She followed that up with an album, “Keepsake”, in June this year. Tonight’s gig at The Echoplex was part of a 17 date US Tour to promote the album.

Local band Storefront Church were on first. The brainchild of Lukas Frank, they played a good set of indie rock and will be supporting DIIV on the upcoming “Deceiver” tour. Orchin were also on the bill tonight. (Their singer/guitarist was also one of the guitarists for Hatchie). They have some nice melodic songs but I felt they needed a hook or chorus to really make me want to hear more.

Hatchie took the stage at 11:30 and immediately apologized for having a cold and hoping it would not cut the concert short. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to affect her too much as she played a 12 song, hour-long set featuring 8 songs from “Keepsake” and 4 from the “Sugar & Spice” EP. It was a really good show and I think Hatchie is one to watch for the future. My favorites tonight were “Obsessed” and “Without a Blush”

Setlist: Try, Sugar & Spice, Keep, Her Own Heart, Kiss The Stars, Sleep, Unwanted Guest, Secret, Obsessed, Without a Blush, Stay With Me, Sure

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