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Summer Song – By George

North Carolina’s By George released their third single, “Summer Song” on Friday 11th June. A beautiful acoustic song with great vocal harmonies, it is a definite change of pace from previous singles “Relax” and “Handsome Hobo” but one that showcases their versality and talent.

The band are well on their way to releasing their debut album ‘The Life Of Guy,’ a concept project that tells the story of a man balancing relatable struggles with purpose and ever elusive identity.

Summer Song’ serves as the third and last song in somewhat of a musical act portraying Guy’s experiences with intimate relationships. This song describes the ending of a relationship in which Guy repeatedly avoided the underlying issues between him and his significant other. Then reality is forced upon them and they have to come to terms with the fact that they can no longer pretend that everything’s all right. Even though it is a tough pill to swallow, this experience serves as a wakeup call for Guy to give his all and never hold anything back from the ones that mean the most to him.

By George are Henry Moldenhauer, Tyler Ford, Will Henshaw and Chaandmon Croft. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook and make sure to check out their other singles.

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