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Keep Us Alive – DRIAN

DRIAN, a 5-piece alt-rock band from Manchester, recently released their wonderful debut single “Keep Us Alive”. It’s a five minute anthem that builds gradually up to a powerful chorus. To celebrate the release, they are playing a headline gig this weekend (September 3rd) at the Eagle Inn, Salford.

We asked the band about their debut single. “The song was written by the full band together, at rehearsal, that’s pretty much how we always try and write, so we’re all involved. The song lyrically is about the trials and tribulations of relationships, that sometimes aren’t working and how you try to keep them going even if you know it’s not right. 😁 So very happy stuff 😂”

DRIAN was formed in 2021 by long-time friends Jordon, Rob and Adam. With Jordon as the frontman and the guitars covered DRIAN went on the hunt for a drummer and bassist, finding Nathan (Drums) and Nikki (Bass). Jordon, Rob, Adam, Nikki and Nathan joined forces to create the original sound that is DRIAN. DRIAN’s music features epic guitar solos, heartfelt lyrics, and raucous riffs. DRIAN made their debut on the Manchester gig scene in November 2021.

You can find out more about DRIAN by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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