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Touching Down – Ocean Flaws

UK Indie Band Ocean Flaws release their excellent new single “Touching Down” tomorrow. With guitarist Hamish taking over vocal duties on this occasion, the song is about that feeling when nothing seems to stick, especially relatable after the year we’ve all just had. It’s a cracking two and half minutes of indie-pop which demands repeated listening.

We asked Alex, the band’s drummer, for his thoughts. “The lyrics and spirit of the song were subconsciously inspired by the feeling of spending the majority of the last year in lockdown, but there’s hope at the end of the track, which I think is conveyed by Sean’s Lyndsey Buckingham-esque guitar solo. The timing of the single’s release, with the end of these strange times seemingly in sight, kind of augments that feeling of hope that the song ends on, too.” 

Ocean Flaws are an indie band from Essex, United Kingdom – for fans of The Cars, MGMT, and Blossoms. Their debut single Deep Sea Dreaming, released in March 2020, was named a Radio X ‘Hot One’ by John Kennedy – who also spun follow-up single, Spirit Level, in November.

Their latest single Touching Down, however, isn’t just another attempt to give Essex a name beyond Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli, it’s an attempt to stick their own sentimental stake into the slurry of pandemic-related self-expression and exclaim: “Ocean Flaws was here”.  

Today, with countless gigs on the London circuit under our belt, and plenty of studio hours on the clock, they have already garnered extensive national radio play, and a support slot for Oasis’ own Andy Bell – through the UK’s most prolific indie promoter, This Feeling

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