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Our Favorite New Songs This Week 5/6/22

Here’s our pick of the best new releases we’ve heard from the last 7 days

DNA – Sea Girls
hell in my head – PROJECTOR
Hail Mary – Wild Spelks
Summer 2019 – Caroline Culver
A Million Other Suns – Wings of Desire
Chain of Fire – Big Wheels
On and On – Jeen
…Never Around – The Rills
Romantic – Lande Hekt
I Can’t Talk – The Golden Age of TV
Cold Blood – Etaoin
Change Your Mind – Danny Wright
Dreaming – Sarpa Salpa
Hermit Phase – Amateur Ornithologist
Olympia – Jillian Lake
Remnant – Bad Bloom
Toilet of Venus – ME REX
Clockwise Smiles – Moon Landing

Let us know what else you’ve been listening to this week or if you have an upcoming release we should feature in a future playlist

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