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I Never Told You – Hanne Mjøen

“There’s so many things you never tell and keep inside, hiding hard feelings to seem stronger than you are,” explains Norwegian alt/pop artist Hanne Mjøen about her newest single ‘I Never Told You.’ The song conveys the feeling of holding back and keeping things to yourself but then finally releasing and admitting everything as the chorus hits. You can feel it start to build with the rhythm before she breaks through with the strong drum machine beat as she confesses “I never told you.”

“This song is about not wanting people to see you in your weak and darker moments, but also acknowledging them. I don’t want to burden you with my shade, and I won’t let you carry me, cause what if you can’t take it? What if this destroys your image of me, and you start to pity me? I don’t want that. I wrote this song thinking of my mom and all the things I never tell her, cause I want to be the strong and independent person she sees me as,”

Hanne Mjøen

Growing up the child of a hairdresser and salesman in the small mountain village of Oppdal, Mjøen never dreamed of becoming a pop star. The goal has always been to sing and write music as a way to connect with people all around the world. It was never the popularity of the pop music genre that drew her in, but the booming choruses, spine-tingling chord progressions and lyrics about love, longing and betrayal. She released her first single ‘Perfect Noise’ at the end of 2016 and hasn’t stopped growing since with more tracks, including ‘Honest’ in 2020 that was featured in Netflix’s “To All the Boys P.S. I Still Love You.” Her intoxicating sound is coated in a dark, raw edge, providing a comforting reminder that it’s ok to be flawed, while her lyrics pull the trigger for an outlet of pent-up emotions. 

To date, her music has garnered over 23 million streams, receiving airplay in over 25 countries worldwide, including Annie Mac and BBC Radio 1. In 2021 she was the 7th most played artist on Norwegian radio and has been praised by the likes of The Fader, The Line Of Best Fit, Paper Mag, Wonderland Mag, 1883 Mag and many more. 2022 is set to be an explosive year for Hanne Mjøen.

Keep up with all of Mjøen’s future releases on her website and her Twitter and Instagram. Photo Credit: Fabian Fjeldvik

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