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Tracks Will Take Me Home – Telopia

Sydney/Gadigal’s Telopia have returned with their first release of 2022, the incredibly catchy “‘Tracks Will Take Me Home”. The track relates to the experience of heading home from the city on public transport and is a departure from previous singles “Always Known” and “Gold Days”. It’s a much more expansive and atmospheric sound that marks the band’s blossoming ’Citygaze’ style, blending the atmospheric elements of 90’s shoegaze with more modern, electronic components.

When asked about the inspiration for “Tracks Will Take Me Home”, the band told us:

There’s a universal sense of awe and inspiration that comes from staring out the window of a fast train, allowing your imagination to wander. The city becomes a living, breathing entity, sprawling outwards, and enclosing your surroundings. Despite the chaos, the straight, narrow tracks that lay before the train give you the feeling that you’ll end up where you need to be.”

Telopia is Angus Riley (Vox/Guitar/Drums), William Woolfe (Vox/Guitar), Iban Elhorga (Drums/Vox/Guitar), and Patrick Watson (Bass). Inspired by the sparkling anthems of The War on Drugs, the energy of The Strokes, and the angst of Radiohead, Telopia manufacture a sound that is immediate, lush and expansive.

After playing a string of packed-out shows across Sydney’s CBD and Inner-West, the group launched “Tracks Will Take Me Home” at Goodspace Gallery on October 7. More music and shows are to be expected before 2022 is out.

You can follow Telopia on their Instagram page to keep up with the latest news and releases.

Featured Image – Photo Credit – Lindsay Riley

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