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More Than Friends by Bad Love

Bad Love formed in 2019 (month?) and released their first “Sad Boy Pop” song ‘More Than Friends’ this past Valentine’s day. The Alt-Pop band is composed of frontman Andy Gannon, guitarist Sam Fieldhouse, bassist Tom O’Neill, and drummer Ben Tansey. Their songs are set to include cinematic romance with heartfelt and anthemic pop hooks, drawing influence from bands including The Cure, Tears For Fears, The 1975, LANY, and MUNA. They hope to connect with the heartbroken and lovers alike in various settings, from late-night drives to house parties to sweaty dive-bar venues.

‘More Than Friends’ is a love-torn story of unrequited love. It guides you through the rose-tinted past of a relationship that fell apart and one side of the relationship moving on while the other watches from afar and online. As they see their past partner become themself again and be happy without them, they playback everything that went wrong that led to the breakup and wish to be able to start again. (song lyrics?) Overall the single is a heartbreak-hit fir for any classic teen-romance movie. Imagine a scene similar to that of the bridge scene from ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ except someone driving alone blasting ‘More Than Friends’ as they think about their ex. Check out the music video for their single below!

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