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Misbehave – YOUR ANGEL

LA singer, songwriter and producer Maddy Boyd has released her new pop single “Misbehave” for her project YOUR ANGEL. The combination of a deep beat and Boyd’s calming voice draws you in right from the start before the guitar joins in to create a more poppy vibe as it builds to the chorus. The track continues to grow as it hits the line “And you figure me out.” From here it transforms into a powerful ethereal song that feels fit for a music festival experience.

I wrote ‘Misbehave’ when I met my now boyfriend of 2 years. It’s about wanting to throw all of my boundaries out of the window and move super fast with him because I felt like I had known him for my whole life.”

Maddy Boyd

Originally hailing from Sante Fe, New Mexico and now based in Los Angeles, Maddy got her start touring in indie-rock bands like Current Joys and Surf Curse. After playing over 150 sold out shows, she left the bands in 2019 to pursue her own artist project. With her solo project, YOUR ANGEL has released one album, her 2019 debut Pipe Dream, as well as numerous hit singles, growing her loyal following with each new release. 

Keep up with all of YOUR ANGEL’s future releases via her Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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