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The Yungblud Family Grows in Philadelphia

“We are fucking YUNGBLUD!” English artist Yungblud has gained a reputation for creating such a strong sense of community amongst his fans and for ensuring his shows are a safe and welcoming place for all who attend. If you don’t leave the show with more friends, feeling exhausted and have no voice, you’re doing it wrong.
Yungblud was joined by Sophie Powers and The Regrettes at The Met in Philadelphia on Friday June 30 for the fourth stop on the North American leg of his current world tour.

The night kicked off with up and coming alternative pop star Sophie Powers. The 18-year-old was clearly having a blast at her third show on tour as she danced around and chatted with the audience in between songs during her 30 minuet set. Playing tracks from her first EP, Red In Revenge, along with recently released singles, including her most popular “Nosebleed,” she also performed a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box. It’s obvious that Powers is passionate about her music and has the potential to go far; a better balance at the mixing desk and a shot of self confidence will take her performance to the next level.

The Regrettes started their set in a fun, light-hearted way, twirling and (literally) waltzing on to the stage as “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin played over the speakers. The audience couldn’t help jumping along as the band (kicked off) their set with “California Friends” from their second album. Consisting of Lydia Night (vocals), Genessa Dariano (guitar), Brooke Dickson (bass) and Drew Thomsen (drums), the group performed songs from all three of their albums, providing a balance of their more recent indie-pop sound and the original punk vibe they began with. With only 45 minuets for their set, it was interesting that they chose to perform a cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” instead of another of their own songs. During almost every song Night made sure to get off the stage and as close to fan along the barricade as she could and was constantly dancing, jumping and spinning around with everyone while on stage. The Regrettes closed out their set with the 2018 single “Poor Boy” which featured an ending drum solo from Night.

Dominic Harrison, professionally known as Yungblud, calmly took to the stage in large glasses, that immediately brought to mind Willy Wonka, and a black hoodie with the hood up before exploding with energy and jumping around every corner of the stage as he performed “superdeadfriends” from his second album weird! Yungblud shows have always had super high energy and he makes sure that the crowd gets on his level for the night as he shouted “Everyone on your fuckin feet! Come on Mum, come on Dad! On your fuckin feet!” to get everyone jumping and dancing to every song. Chaos ensued, safe chaos I should add, as Yungblud made faces at people in the audience, had a constantly growing mosh pit in GA and threw beer at a fan as their birthday request. For every show this tour, Yungblud is picking a fan to join him on stage and they decide what song he should perform next. That evening, Alejandro was chosen as they had traveled over 2,000 miles from Mexico City just for this concert. After a brief a cappella cover of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro,” they chose “California” over “Medication,” both from Yungblud’s first album 21st Century Liability which just celebrated it’s five year anniversary. This was followed by “Anarchist” before slowing the night down for a solo acoustic performance of “mars” and a stripped version of “Sweet Heroine,” which he played the piano for. The energy immediately jumped back up to 11 for two more songs. After a short breather off stage listening to the crowd chant for more, Yungblud returned for an encore featuring his most recent single “Lowlife” with graphics from the lyric video projected on the screen behind him. He followed this with his breakout track “Loner” before ending the night with “Machine Gun (F**k the NRA),” which he hadn’t previously performed during this tour. This was accompanied by the biggest mosh pit of the night, fans run in a circling building up to the chorus as the whole audience chanted “Fuck the Supreme Court.”


lowlifes in philly

♬ Lowlife – YUNGBLUD

To keep up with what everyone is up to on tour and their new music, check out their Instagrams here: YUNGBLUD, The Regrettes, Sophie Powers.

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