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Mother Nature might end up being your number 1 artist in this year’s Spotify wrapped. NATURE has released 15 new singles with major artists to help the environment.

NATURE became an official artist on Spotify last week as a part of the Sounds Right global music initiative, looking “… to recognize NATURE as the artist she truly is,” they say on Instagram. The initiative was created by the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live, which is an extension of the United Nations that seeks to “… sparks global empathy, action and change through the power of popular culture and dialogue.” (More info about Museum for the United Nations.)

To fuel the initiative, NATURE released 15 singles for their ‘feat. NATURE’ playlist. The singles are all remixes of other artists’ tracks, such as “Pilgrim” by MØ and “A Soul With No King” by AURORA, with different sounds from nature, like rain and birds chirping, added to create a whole new vibe for the song. Prior to these remixes, NATURE released 21 short EPs (3-5 tracks each) in collaboration with The Listening Planet and Vozterra. These EPs are more like ecosystem background noise compared to the recent singles, which have lyrics to sing along to.

Here’s how you can help
Streams are the focus, so the more you listen the more impact can be had. According to NATURE’s Spotify bio, “At least 50% of recording royalties from the Sounds Right ‘Feat. NATURE playlist’ and 70% of recording royalties on ‘Ecosystem Tracks’ are directed to EarthPercent…. who redistributes funds to high-impact, rights-based conservation initiatives around the world.”

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