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Review: “Sorry for the late reply” by Sløtface

The sophomore album from the Norwegian pop-punk band builds on the promise of debut “Try Not to Freak Out”; the energy and tunes are still there but the songs feel more complete and they also slow things down every now and then.

The main themes of the record seem to be about not fitting in as well as the state of the planet. “S.U.C.C.E.S.S” looks at immigration, “Stuff” (one of my Top 50 songs of 2019) reflects on the break-up of a relationship while “Sink or Swim” is about climate change and the fact that some people still refuse to acknowledge the effects; Haley Shea singing “It’s too warm for October” and “It’s not politics, it’s sink or swim” in an almost desperate plea for action. All of these topics and more are delivered in a set of incredibly catchy songs that will be great to bounce along to when played live.

With “Sorry for the late reply”, Sløtface have delivered a great record that makes you think while still allowing you to sing along and dancing about like crazy. My favorite album so far this year.

RATING: 9/10

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