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Frontline – The Redroom

Get ready for the new single “Frontline” from indie-rock band The Redroom, being released Friday, July 30th, 2021. With a strong Arctic Monkey’s inspired guitar rift to open the song has no where to go but up and only gets better as Jessica Lewis Ward’s stunning vocals join. “The main melody you hear in the song came about simply from me noodling on the guitar one day; I put it over some chords that I had been sitting on and it sounded great,” said guitarist Jake Elliot. Although the lyrics talk of a dark topic, the song is inspiring and makes one feel powerful as they listen.

“When writing ‘Frontline’, I knew that both me and Jake wanted something different to the classic love-based tune that I normally tend to write. Having experienced PTSD myself, I recognised the subject as a deep and meaningful issue that I wanted to translate through music. From that point I explored the different situations PTSD could originate from – one being a soldier and the other sexual assault – as well as what PTSD can drive people to do. I knew that Jake’s
brilliant melodic writing paired with my darker lyrics would produce a class tune,” Ward said about the song’s storyline.

[L – R] Dominic Aldridge, Matthew Dodds, Jessica Lewis Ward, Jake Elliot & Charlie McDonald

The five-piece band based in Newcastle upon Tyne is comprised of Dominic Aldridge on bass, Charlie McDonald on drums, Jake Elliot on lead guitar, Matthew Dodds on keys, and Jessica Lewis Ward on vocals and rhythm guitar. The band came together in March of 2019 and spent the year playing live shows to gain popularity and momentum. They used the 2020 lockdown to start writing and recording their own songs, “Nostalgia” and “Forced Stability”.

Check out the single “Frontline” on The Redroom’s Spotify or look for it in this week’s new favorites playlist.

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