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“Pink Pony Club” – Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan has made a powerful return with the release of her first single since 2018 “Pink Pony Club”. Her high-energy song was released on April 3rd of this year and has grabbed listeners’ attention. Starting with a slow and soft piano it feels like it’s going to be a calm and somber song. However, as the piano starts to build louder and faster you know you’re in for it to go an exciting, different way. With the lyrics ‘God, what have you done’ the piano changes to a synthesizer flipping the song into a completely different light. As the chorus hits, you can’t help but want to jump out of your seat and dance along. From there the song continues with this high energy and doesn’t back down to the soft piano from the beginning. This change of tempo also fits with the lyrics. The song begins like a conversation with her parents and not wanting to upset them if she moves away and changes. As the beat picks up its as if she’s taken control of her life and done what she wants to do at the Pink Pony Club. The soft piano fits with the sadness and fear but then the chorus hits and all you can feel is free and happy. Near the end, the song pulls back to Chappell Roan’s softer singing as she reminisces of her life before moving and missing her family but this doesn’t stop her from jumping back into what she wants to do. The song ends with the repeating lyrics ‘I’m gonna keep on dancing’ as a reminder that nothing is going to keep her down.

How did the idea for the “Pink Pony Club” music video come about?
“For the actual concept of the video, one of my good friends from summer camp, Griffin Stoddard, created it. I knew I wanted to make something that showed that way I felt in my new hometown, awkward and out of place. As the video goes along, I gradually become more comfortable with myself, which is how I felt coming to LA. I really wanted to dance since I had never really danced before, and the video allowed me to do that. Doing the video has been one of the best experiences of my career.”

To hear more from Chappell Roan, check out the full interview we had with her.

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