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“Caramelise” – lovepoint

Lovepoint released his newest single “Caramelise” on May 29th and it is the perfect song for this summer. With everyone stuck in quarantine, summer is likely to be full of chill days just relaxing in the sun and his song fits the vibe. The light drum beat, bass, and guitar create the swaying tune at the beginning and it is livened up with the addition of the piano and different key of singing for the chorus. One can’t help but dance and sway along to the hooky alternative R&B tune featuring lovepoint’s soft voice. It paints a picture of tanning in the sun with your sunglasses on and a cold drink in hand with your favorite music (particularly this song) playing in the background.


Lovepoint is a Brighton-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His debut EP lovepoint was released in December of 2018 and has received over 600,000 streams and counting. The first single from this album, “Upstairs”, was also featured on BBC 6 Music and he has since been praised and become known for his originality and skillful composition. He told us he has recorded a collection of tracks in 2019 which we can’t wait to hear. The first to be released was Tortoiseshell in collaboration with Indira May. Lovepoint and his band hope to return to the stage as soon as live music events resume in the UK. I highly recommend listening to all of his music that is out at the moment and keep an eye out for everything he plans to put out.

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