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Our Favorite New Songs This Week 8/20/21

Here’s our pick of the best new releases from the last 7 days

Powder Train – Daisy Brain
If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming with You – The Wombats
Hand Heat – Broken Baby
see red – swim school
Jimmy – The Jack Fletcher Band
Leave Us Here (We’re Fine) – Orchards
Whatever Happened, It’s Alright Now – Suns Up
West Keys – L.A. Exes
Walkman – Bad Bad Hats
Same Old – BlackWaters
Everything From Last Night – The Great Leslie
We Are Midnight – DMA’S
Never Let You Down – Geographer

fleabag – YUNGBLUD
Someone Else – Colleen Green
Keeping Me – Syfta
We Are The People – Jonny Ash
White Mazda Truck – Emilee Moore

Let us know what else you’ve been listening to this week or if you have an upcoming release we should feature in a future playlist

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