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C H A N G E S – Victoria Groff

Last Friday saw the release of the brand new single from Vancouver based singer-songwriter Victoria Groff. An inspirational, indie-pop tune, ‘C H A N G E S” was written last year but was something that had been “bubbling inside” for the last six years. What sparked the idea for the song was a run-in with an old friend who could see a change, saying, ‘You just seem so much happier, your spark is back’. Its a great, catchy tune for summer road trips, late night bbq’s at the beach, or those moments where you need a little bit more courage to take the path best suited for you.

Victoria says of the song “‘C H A N G E S’ is a song about self-discovery and realizing who and what really matters in the world. I started to realize I was spending more time worrying about the disappointment of others than living my own life for myself.”

Photo Credit @brandynnleigh

To bring this song to life, Groff and her partner Chris Clute, teamed up with production duo Sound of Kalima. The group met at Connaught Park in Vancouver and spent an evening hashing out the song, utilizing the park and it’s inhabitants to inspire the feel good summer vibes captured in the song.

Victoria Groff is a singer-songwriter based in Vancover, Canada and has released three singles this year. Check them out here on Spotify. You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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