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Coffee Shop – Lucky Iris

Over the last 18 months, we’ve all been dreaming about life returning to normal so we can go and enjoy the things we used to take for granted. Lucky Iris have recently released a dreamy alt-pop song perfectly capturing those thoughts and wishes. “Coffee Shop” is about how they just wanted to be able to go to their local coffee shop to feel a sense of normality returning. The duo are made up of Maeve (Vocalist) and Jasper (Instrumentalist) and they wrote the track in their living room. It was produced remotely by Ed Heaton and mixed by Lee Smith (Easy Life/Holly Humberstone).

Maeve told us that “Coffee Shop was really just created from our desire to get out into the world during lockdown. Although we were desperate to travel again, we found ourselves really wanting just to sit in our favourite local coffee shop and feel that little sense of normality that comes with being out and about running errands and stressing about running errands. The little things which seemed suddenly so big when they got taken away from us!”

“Coffee Shop” is the first single Lucky Iris have released after spending a year writing and cementing their sound, with their second release of the year set to be “Speak Soon” which will be out in November 2021 (followed by further new music and an EP in the new year). These songs are being released with the help and support of Launchpad through the non-profit Music:Leeds. The pair secured funding following the success of their self- released EP ‘Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home’ in April 2020, in the midst of the first lockdown and within a week they were BBC Introducing West Yorkshire Track of the Week (and later included in the Best of 2020).

Lucky Iris recently took to the stage for the first time on September 8th to support The Lottery Winners at The Key Club, Leeds. The pair also have plans to do a “tour” of coffee shops in line with their newest release. You can follow Lucky Iris on Instagram for more details.

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