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Interview with Anna Shoemaker

Despite having just released her debut album ”Everything Is Fine (I’m Only On Fire) in March of this year, Anna Shoemaker is back with a new single. ”I’m Your Guy” was released on July 12th and is an intimate alt-rock ballad that celebrates unconditional love which she wrote with longtime friend-turned-collaborator Richie Quake.

We caught up with Anna to talk about her new single and what she grew up listening to that helped influence her music.

Hi Anna! How’s everything going right now?
Well, I just got a flat tire but besides that I’m pretty good!

What classic album cover is your current mood?
Live Through This – Hole

Your new single “I’m Your Guy” is out on July 12th and is about unconditional love and having each other’s backs. That seems even more relevant based on the events of the last few weeks. Can you tell us a bit more about the song and where/when it was written?
Yes! It’s a love song for sure. I wrote it with Richie Quake in a studio in Soho [New York] that he shares with my boyfriend. I think we wrote and recorded it in one day. It was one of those songs that just felt pure and easy to write.

You only just released your excellent debut album a few months ago and you already have new music coming out. Has songwriting always come easily to you?
Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it truly feels like pulling teeth. I finished writing my album months before the album came out so I was also able to take a little break. It always feels really good to write after you’ve let your mind reset and live a little bit.

If you could only listen to one record, what would it be?
Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill

You’ve been called “Brooklyn’s own Olivia Rodrigo”. How do you feel about that comparison and does it bring an extra level of expectation or pressure due to the success she has been having?
No— I admire her, but I don’t feel that it puts pressure on me. I take it as a compliment not as a challenge.

Photo Credit – Emma Berson

What did you listen to when you were growing up and how did that affect your own music style?
I listened to a lot of Sheryl Crow, Britney Spears and Johnny Cash with my grandfather. I’ve always been so interested in songwriting and how people tell their stories.

You recently supported Isaac Dunbar and also have some shows planned in Brooklyn in July and October. What can fans expect from your live shows and do you plan to head out across the rest of the US soon?
A lot of energy and some new music! And hopefully, yes!!

What would go on your signature pizza and what would it be called?
Thin crust! Sauce, cheese, arugula and hot honey and it would be called spicy dreamz lol

What else do you have planned for 2022?
More new music and more live shows!

You can find out more about Anna’s music and upcoming shows on her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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