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Our Top Albums of 2022 (50-41)

There was so much good music released in 2022 that trying to narrow it down to just 50 albums was so difficult and there are a lot of records that really should be on the list. But we got there eventually so here are the 50 albums that we enjoyed the most this year.


Household Name

Essential Tracks: Speeding 72, Motorbike, Lucky


Things Are Great
Band of Horses

Essential Tracks: Lights, Crutch, Ice Night We’re having


Fix Yourself, Not The World
The Wombats

Essential Tracks: If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You, Everything I Love Is Going to Die, Method to the Madness


Expert In A Dying Field
The Beths

Essential Tracks: Expert In A Dying Field, Silence Is Golden, When You Know You Know


Everything Was Forever
Sea Power

Essential Tracks: Two Fingers, Green Goddess, Transmitter


Love Lives in the Body
Soft Blue Shimmer

Essential Tracks: Prism of Feeling, Burden of Desire, Love Being


Skinty Fia
Fontaines D.C.

Essential Tracks: Jackie Down The Line, Roman Holiday, I Love You


Du und ich

Essential Tracks: Now I Know, Over/Under, Weeds


the future is here but it feels kinda like the past
Annie Hamilton

Essential Tracks: Labyrinth, Night Off, Again


Present Tense
Yumi Zouma

Essential Tracks: Give It Hell, Where The Light Used To Lay, Astral Projection

Albums 40 to 31 >>>

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