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Our Favorite New Songs This Week 5/26/23

Here’s our pick of the best new releases we’ve heard from the last 7 days.

Cellar – Sea Lemon
Gloria – The Snuts
Forever Before Love – The Mary Onettes
Skylight – Sleepy Gonzales
Anchors Up – Kurt Baker
Emily – MID CITY
Daydream in Tokyo – Lucy Gaffney
Lipstick Muse – HOL
In Your Wake – Bathe Alone
Seedling – Guided With Voices
People Like Me & You – The Sherlocks
New Love’s Mortal Coil – Amaara
Show Me How – Foo Fighters
CAUTION TAPE – Austin Blue
She’s Got It – Breeze
jessica – DAYTIME TV
Daylight Robbery – HAVVK
Wasted on You – GRXCE
Hate Being Alone – Dutch Melrose
Temple Song – American Trappist

Let us know what you think should have been included this week or if you have an upcoming release we should feature on a future playlist.

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