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New Album – “Crisis to Crisis” – Sons of Venus

If you are a fan of early Pink Floyd or The Doors, you’ll want to check out the new album by NYC-based trio Sons of Venus. Crisis to Crisis, the band’s third studio album, follows a similar improvisational recording process that the band used on their first two albums which results in a combination of precision and rawness that stays true to their progressive and punk roots. The band have said that the record is “Inspired by the constant barrage of world calamities, amplified by the corporate global media, Crisis to Crisis is an exorcism from civilization” and there is definitely a lot to unpack across the six tracks and 45 minutes that make up the album.

Sons of Venus are guitarist John Sully, drummer Ruslan Baimurzin and bassist Igor Reznik. Sully, a native New Yorker, was the resident composer/sound designer at Ideal Glass, a once long-term culture hub in the heart of the East Village, where he led eclectic after hour jams that periodically weaved long into the night. It was at one of these events that he met Kazakhstan-born Baimurzin. In a matter of a few notes, their musical and personal affinity was undeniable as they quickly partnered up and formed the band with Reznik. The three musicians shared a chemistry that allowed them to improvise instantaneously almost complete compositions. Drawing on many influences, such as cinema, theater, psychology, and sociology, themes like truth, death and redemption, they found themselves spontaneously experimenting with musical styles like prog, punk, elektro, blues and funk.

You can find out more about the band by following them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photo Credit – Ilya Popenko

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