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Our Favorite New Songs This Week 6/23/23

Here’s our pick of the best new releases we’ve heard from the last 7 days.

I guess, – Everything After Midnight
Stop Staring At You – Annie Hart
Drop in the Bucket – Tamar Berk
Blue 42 – Shred Flintstone
Directionless – Separatr
In Your Hands – Saint Sappho
Beggin’ For You – Hurry
It’s Not About You – Claud
Black Spring – The Blues And Greys
Girls Like You – SKATERS
Norwegian Wood – Picture Parlour
Landmines – The K’s
You Don’t Know Me Anymore More – Charly Bliss
Midwest Summer – Homes at Night
kisses – Slowdive
anybody else? – davvn
Pieces of You – SGO
Bruise Control – Spring Clean
Kill Your Pain – Boyish, King Princess
When Everything Was Lost – Palace

Let us know what else you’ve heard this week that should have made the list or if you have an upcoming release we should feature on a future playlist.

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