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“I wanted something like an oxymoron as a name” – an Interview with LUCKY THIEF

Today sees the release of the debut album from Bristol-based rock multi-instrumentalist LUCKY THIEF. DIY is the aptly-titled creative effort of Ed Jefferson, who wrote and recorded everything on the record, and combines a grunge rock sound with relatable lyrics and crunching riffs.

Crafted over the course of three intense years, DIY, recorded at Humm Studios with Dom Mitchison (Heavy Lungs, The Manatees, Pet Shimmers), mixed by Ky Witney (The Naturals) and mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones), is the result of his ambition to produce an authentic album that reflects himself and what he believes in. He explores his own mental health struggles, relationships, substance abuse, and the impact of his religious upbringing throughout the album.

We caught up with Ed as he prepared for the release to talk about his DIY recording style and where the band name came from.

Hi Ed! How’s everything going right now?
Very well thank you, really excited about the album launch on Friday and the album launch party at the Louisiana on Sunday and squeezing in a few more rehearsals with the live band beforehand.

What classic album cover is your current mood?
King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King

Your debut album “DIY” is out on August 25th. When and where did you write and record it?
I started writing it 4 years ago and it took 3 years to write and record it all. I recorded it at an amazing studio in Bristol called Humm Studio run by Dom Mitchison.

It’s appropriately named as I believe you wrote and recorded everything yourself? Did you always envisage the record as a completely solo venture?
Yes that’s right. I’ve always loved creating and arranging songs, being able to express myself through every instrument, so it was always the aim to be a solo venture in terms of me creating the record. However it was always the plan to be able to form a live band in order to take these songs live. I’ve now got an amazing live band who have worked tirelessly and passionately to make sure these songs are performed as big as possible.

If you could only listen to one record, what would it be?
Any of Queens of the Stone Age first 6 records.

Where did the name “LUCKY THIEF” come from?
I wanted something like an oxymoron as a name. You might normally associate thieves as bad but I wanted to put a positive spin on something negative.

What were your musical inspirations when you were growing up?
My first ever gig was Metallica at age 13, so them and Iron Maiden who I just saw in Glasgow with my brother were my very first introductions to metal. They showed me how big and grand songs can be. It was a lot later for me when I found influences and inspirations for LUCKY THIEF.

You have a release show planned for August 27th at The Louisiana in Bristol. What can people expect from a LUCKY THIEF live show?
A lot of sweat so be careful if you’re in the front row.

What would go on your signature pizza and what would it be called?
A whole pineapple just to see people lose their minds.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2023 and beyond?
We’re currently in the process of getting a load of gigs booked in, so a lot of live shows and hopefully festivals. I’ve also started working on album number 2 and am very excited about how it’s sounding already.

You can find out more about LUCKY THIEF by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photo Credit – Luke Shadrick

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