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Artist Spotlight: Mothica

Mothica is the audio / visual project of McKenzie Ellis. She gained a great deal of attention and followers after the success of “Vices” on Tiktok, where hundreds of accounts related to her lyrics and used the platform to express how the song makes them feel. She quickly released the single and it shot to the top of the charts, reaching No. 2 on the Pop iTunes charts and placing high is Rolling Stone and Billboard. “Vices” is featured on her debut album Blue Hour that was released on August 27, 2020.

Blue Hour consists of 12 songs with lyrics detailing Ellis’ journey through sobriety. The album title refers to the time of day just after a sunset when the sky is dark blue and the track-list is made to represent daylight and dusk with “Blue Hour” at the halfway point to represent the shift during a sunset. On her website, she says, ” It’s about bracing myself for the low moments so that I can fully appreciate the beautiful moments.”

Blue Hour album cover

Ellis is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok promoting her music as well as being down to earth and sharing parts of her life. Her Youtube channel features music videos for six songs from the album, music videos from her previous EP Ashes, released in 2018, and a mini-documentary for Blue Hour, along with vlog style videos about her life. Check out the music video for “Vices” below.

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