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Headstart – Small Talk

The indie four-piece, Small Talk, have already made a splash in their hometown of Bournemouth, England, and they have their sights set on a much bigger audience. If the debut single, ‘Head Start’, released 18th of February, is anything to go by, we think there’s a good chance their rock and roll dream may come true! The track dives straight in, showcasing the vocal talents of Ben Lewis against a dreamy indie guitar progression. The tune is instantly catchy but complex enough to stand up to multiple listenings.

The subject (a break-up) has been covered before, but Small Talk add a different perspective: Frontman Lewis explains, “Headstart was written at a time when I just felt inferior to everyone. It seemed everyone I knew on social media was moving on with their lives and doing amazing things while I was stuck in the same place. It kind of tackles that issue through the eyes of someone who went through a difficult relationship and experienced this downfall.”

The band comprises of school friends Ben Lewis (Vocals and Bass) and Ali Barron (Guitar), joined by Harry Whitton (Drums) and Jack Babbe (Guitar). We’re excited to see what else they have to offer! Check out ‘Head Start’ on this week’s playlist, and find the band on social media:

Instagram – @smalltalk.bnd

Twitter – @smalltalk_bnd

Facebook – @smalltalk_bnd

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