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“I Hate This House” – Interview with Church Girls

Feature Photo Credit – Anthony DiCaro

Philadelphia’s Church Girls are just about to hit the road on their FEST tour and have also just released their blistering new single “I Hate This House”. Built around some crunching guitars and a fast tempo, the song has an anthemic chorus that will have you shouting along with the band. We caught up with lead singer Mariel to talk about the new single and upcoming tour.

Hi Mariel! How’s everything going right now?
Great! Looking forward to our tour starting soon.

What classic album cover is your current mood?
Judas Priest – Screaming for Vengeance

Your fantastic new single “I Hate This House” is out on Thursday. What was the inspiration behind the song?
Our band had worked on the instrumental demo together, but the song still needed lyrics. A few days before the recording session a friend came to stay with me for some respite from a brutal divorce. I took some inspiration from him, but the song is about but about the collapse of any relationship where you find yourselves endlessly repeating the same unhealthy patterns.

Photo Credit – Anthony DiCaro

“Telepathic Mind” (released earlier this year) and “I Hate This House” feel like they have a bigger sound than previous releases, especially on the choruses. Is that due to how the songs have been produced and mixed or was that something you deliberately set out to achieve?
As a band we’ve been increasingly more excited about the heavier songs. We set out to write a few singles, so I think that made us go for the demos that had big, catchy choruses. Our producer John Pfiffner has definitely helped draw those elements out.

If you could only listen to one record, what would it be?
Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

How did you and the rest of the band get together to form Church Girls?
Since I started the band, I’ve had a few different lineups due to the heavy touring schedule. I actually met everyone in the group now through Craigslist. It just so happens we get along great and are on the same page musically.

We loved your third album “Still Blooms” which was released last year and it was one of our Albums of 2021. How do feel your songwriting and sound have developed from debut album “Hidalgo”?
Thank you for including it! “Hidalgo” feels like a different band to me, and I was a much less experienced songwriter and singer. That record ended up a little more indie rock. “The Haunt” is really when we started developing our sound with heavier songs and gang vocals.

What were your musical influences growing up?
Against Me!, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Defiance Ohio, The Mountain Goats

Church Girls are about to hit the road for your “FEST” tour starting on Oct 26th. Do you have a set planned out or will you be mixing it up each night? Are you testing out any new tracks while on tour?
We’ll be playing one of our new singles that isn’t out yet. We switch up our setlists before each tour, but usually keep them the same throughout since we like the transitions to be smooth.

What would go on your signature pizza and what would it be called?
I like it all. Just keep the black olives far, far away.

What do you have planned for 2023? Can we expect a new album anytime soon?
We’ll have a few more singles on the way, and maybe a new record in 2023 if we can get it together 🙂

Draped in vulnerable lyrics and obsessive hooks, Philly’s Church Girls plays a new breed of indie/punk rooted in angsty optimism and bittersweet joy that’s been acclaimed by Alternative Press, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, KEXP, & more. They start their FEST tour on Oct 26th in Chapel Hill, NC and are a total of playing 11 dates on the East Coast. You can get tickets and find out more about the band on their website and you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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