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“Obscure Places & Cupboards” – Jack Adamant

Jack Adamant is a Italian singer/songwriter who now lives and records in Stockholm and has just released his sophomore album ”Obscure Places & Cupboards” on AR Recordings. Produced by Jack and his drummer Ged at home mainly during lockdown, the new record has a more indie-punk feel to it compared with his 2019 debut ”Unkind”. From the poppy guitars of opener ”Itchy Memories” to the rockier riffs of ”You First” to closer ”Here and Still” with its dual vocals and piano, the album’s 10 tracks come in at under 30 minutes and don’t overstay their welcome. It’s well worth checking out.

Jack Adamant is a singer/songwriter from Italy who lives and records in Stockholm. His solo career began around 2012 when he started writing songs that were heavily influenced by American artists such as J Mascis, Lou Barlow, Evan Dando, Bob Mould, Mac McCaughan, Robert Pollard, Daniel Johnston and others from the same music scene. Learning to play guitar at twelve years old he couldn’t wait to start writing music, learning to mix with an old tape recorder won in a street raffle. By experimenting with different genres of music and meticulously studying his favourite lyrics, he finally found his own style leaning towards alternative folk/rock.

In 2007, he joined Valerihana, where distortion and heavy guitars gave him the foundations and confidence to play live. Touring mainly between Italy and Sweden, they had a good amount of shows under their belt by the time they released their first record “Out of regulation”, which draws influence from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo and the Pixies.

After signing to AR Recordings in july 2017, the work began to release Jack Adamant’s first EP “Lunch at 12 since ’82”. The EP consists of five songs which tell the story of a couple navigating the obstacles and hardships of life together. His way of narrating highlights the fragility of a relationship; the difficulty in knowing when to push harder and fight for something, when to whisper words of support if the other is struggling but also to be brutally honest with each other when things aren’t working out. ”Writing this EP forced me to be honest and take stock of my opinions. It allowed me to know my own mind.”

Jack released his first full record “Unkind” in 2019, which was a massive change in sound from the old days, written between Stockholm, Liverpool, Rome and God knows where else. “I am so thankful to all the people who supported me and the musicians who shared their talent to make this happen”. Since 2020 he’s been working on a slightly different sound more towards punk-rock. A new batch of songs were produced by Jack and his drummer Ged at home mainly during lockdown. Jack Adamant’s new record “Obscure Places & Cupboards” was recently released on AR Recordings!

You can find out more about Jack on his website, follow him on Instagram and check out his Bandcamp page for some music and merch.

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