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I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit – Shutups

Bay Area indie-punk band Shutups have released their second album, I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit. This is their first full-length album with their record label Kill Rock Stars. It was mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer/producer Jack Shirley, who worked on the band’s two previous EPs, Six and Seven.

The 10 tracks include previously released singles “Endless Heaven,” “Televised Hit & Run” and “100Punk” as well as our favorite “All New Brutality.” Each of the singles has a wild accompanying music video; you can watch them all on the Kill Rock Stars Youtube channel. “All New Brutality” shows off the band’s massive range and versatility, with moments of light guitar and drums and calm vocals contrasting with the heavy and intense drums and guitar you hear at the beginning and throughout the verses.

Composed of Hadley Davis (vocals/guitar), Mia Wood (drums), Eric Stafford (guitar/synth), and Bud Armienti (bass/synth) they describe themselves as “a 4-piece band of anti-establishment California indie punks with a vested interest in capitalism’s implosion.” Shutups combine the thrashing indie punk energy of PUP, the riffs and melodic songwriting of Weezer’s blue album era, and a go-for-broke ambition that creates something all their own.

When asked about the album title, Wood explained that it refers to the moment “When utter revulsion exceeds the basic survival need of sustenance. Go to the furthest limit of disgust and then take one step over the line, and this is what you get.” The album title is also used as a lyric on every track, except “Sad” which Davis refers to as the album’s “dream sequence.”

You can keep up with their future releases and upcoming tour dates via their Instagram and their Twitter. Photo credit: Lauren Corden

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